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There is no limit or size of the sites you would like migrated and is free of charge granted you have the hosting plan to support it. This is one of their main selling points since most hosting companies will charge $50-$200 fees to do this. If you want to manage the billing yourself, you can do that too!

For everyone wondering Flywheel’s CDN is actually provided by MaxCDN. Yes, they do have 24/7 email support and I would like to note – every ticket I have put in regardless the time, was responded to quickly and updated soon after that. If you’re on a desktop, you probably have noticed the “Proudly Hosted at Flywheel” banner in the sidebar to the right of you.

I am in the process of moving my sites away due to the poor support and the fact that the websites I host have now slowed down to a crawl. If you ask for more resources they want to charge you more. Have a nearly identical experience to the previous review. We’ve been using Flywheel for almost 5 years now, and since the WP Engine acquisition, the company has changed dramatically.

If you want to write at Vogue or Harvard Business Review,go for it. You may want to use both a contact form as your service form, but I prefer that you don’t. Not only it doesn’t look professional, but it also wastes everyone’s time. The vast majority of people who contact you won’t be the right one and you want to know that as quickly as possible.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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If you have a portfolio that mimics the visual layout of the sites I’m about to show you, you can skip this step. In my case, I mention the clients with whom I’ve worked and the sites I’ve published on, both of which work great to prove myself to my reader. Sharing a brief personal story will helpcreate an emotional connectionwith them.



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