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As a rule, list posts often have the greatest pull on your readers. 19 Headline Writing Tips for More Clickable, Shareable Blog Posts. Make basic edits to articles (including but not limited to grammar, spelling, subtitles, links and paragraph/sentence structure for the purpose of improving readability). We want to give our audience, fresh content AND also we don’t want to get dinged by Google or other search engines for having duplicate content. You will receive no financial compensation for your work.


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We DO NOT promote guest contributors websites, products, or services in the body of the article . Our focus is to provide our readers with practical advice, not for us to promote your products and services. Your bio at the bottom of your article will do that for you (one link max. allowed in bio, unless 2nd is to a social media profile). Whether it has been published on your own personal blog, social media platforms including LinkedIn or Facebook, or with another publication, we will not consider it or review it. The article you submit to us has to be something new that has never been published online before. We work with writers to produce unique and highly valuable content.

By this method, you may discover colossal records of websites, which accept guest posts submission, however, you can’t make certain about the quality of all. So, you can organize the guest posting process on your own or use special platforms that can support you. If you’d like to write for Everyday Power, please send us a message with your bio. We are looking for ideas that discuss personal and professional growth, success, motivation, inspiration, and contribution. Everyday Power is an educational reference website providing inspirational quote collections and self-improvement articles.

If you have a deadline for work or school, writing it down in a planner or journal can help you stay focused on the task at hand. Writing down goals also helps keep you motivated to reach them. Appraisal season is approaching, bringing with it the traditional ‘List’.

Please do not submit the same article you or someone else has submitted to other sites. If you copy someone else’s work that you don’t have rights to, you may earn an instant ban and immediate removal of all your blog posts and profile from The Personal Growth Channel. By submitting a post, you give us full editorial rights, including the right to edit for grammar and readability, change pictures, and add or remove links. The ability to edit helps us deal with any DMCA-related issues and keep the quality high for our readers. We reserve the right to edit content if necessary before publishing it. We don’t have a hard and fast word limit, but as a general rule your post should be a minuimum of 600 words.

Also you will not be able to publish the post anywhere else in the future. However you can publish the post after 15 days on your own blog with a canonical link to your guest post on Live Purposefully Now. The article must be relevant to the personal growth, self help or self-improvement niche. Here are tentative ideas for you to stimulate your thinking cap ON.

Submit your questions to with the word “GUEST BLOGGING QUESTION” in the subject line. Any images included must comply with copyright laws.

If you would like to write for the PD Cafe, simply complete the form below and submit your article. Once submitted we’ll review your work and, if all is well, we’ll publish it for you here in the relevant category on the PD Cafe. We will reject all guest post submissions that contain advertising or sponsored links intended to promote a company’s products or services. You can contribute whenever you like, and there is no specific timeline for your articles. Once your blog post is selected and published, we will work our social and distribution machine to make sure it gets the reach it deserves. Your work will be posted on our homepage and promoted on our social networks, including Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, where we have more than 4 million followers and growing fast.

Managing it effectively is essential for an excellent life. It only depends on the competition in your niche and necessary number of links that you need to get in order to outrank your competitors. Articles must be written by you and totally original!

However, we only accept articles that contain the best SEO practices, have been fully edited by the author and preferably have at least one link to an outside reputable source. Not a source that would compete with your post, but one that back-ups a point you have made within the body of the article. Please also refrain from posting the submitted article on other websites.



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