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We reserve the right to change the text you provide, but only to correct errors or make it more readable. It must be written in English with no spelling or grammatical errors to be taken seriously. Additionally, allow you to retain at least one keyword-rich backlink or give a brief introduction about your brand.

We are going to speak about the nice Footprints to try to find Guest blogging websites. Statements of fact work if you offer something to share — a statistic or an image — but a fact on its own can fall flat. You wouldn’t ask a friend for five things at once.

But you must have real-world experience in the topic you are writing about. Our mission is to outreach the unique ideas of the content writers to the people so that their skills will be valued. We understand backlinks, and the motivation behind them. We’re protective of ours, but we’ll still share our “link juice” in exchange for quality content.

We guard ours, but in exchange for high-quality content, we’ll share our “link juice.” Before you dash off an email to us about being a social media writer, let’s make sure we’re a great fit for one another. Without this we will not accept your submission. Apart from writing for our readers, you will also learn plenty of things in the process. For instance, you will learn about how to communicate your ideas, write your opinion and start a topic that you thought will benefit our readers. There should be strong writing skills with understandable and engaging content for readers with no grammatical errors.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Your content will be promoted on our social media channels. But you have to follow the approval process every time you connect with us for a guest post article contribution to VOCSO. Rambling articles are harder to read and won’t be accepted. But before you submit, please take a look at our guidelines so your post has the best chance of being accepted.


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