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We are looking for great blog content to add value to our page, we know the efforts of folks who pour their heart and emotion into crafting beautiful guest post health content. In the health niche, we do our very best to create exceptional content for our readers. This means that we are constantly seeking new writers who can offer a unique perspective on their work. We urge all freelance writers to submit guest posts at amyandrose.com on health issues, promoting wellness, and health care products that are their original work. Are you looking for a blog to publish your guest post?

Unfortunately, since contributors are not on staff we don’t allow them to use Foodwalas credentials. There are some Contributors whose blogs we regularly republish and others who write original pieces for us. It is paramount that your guest post be backed with hard data and facts that can be verified by reliable sources.

If our editors find the piece informative enough, it will be published here. The second requirement is that the article must be 800 and more words to be qualified for publishing on our website. If you submit work that is less than this word count or we see that redundant information as fillers is being used to reach the word count then it will be rejected. This requirement is because our readers love long content that answers all their queries. I am Sophie Louis and I am chief editor at bittermelon.org.

Be sure to note the electronic file name on the bottom right-hand corner of the hard copy. Images should be a minimum of 300 dpi with dimensions of 8.5″ x 11″. Research that highlights the proven benefits of whole-nutrient complexes from whole foods and whole-food supplements.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Another requirement is that you must check for grammatical errors before publishing the document to us so that we can publish it without going through the hassle of correcting it. We will be editing your write-ups to fit our tone and style but if the submitted work is found with a lot of grammatical errors it will be rejected. The articles must be properly structured, i.e., they must include headlines, short paras, and bullet points wherever required. If you’re an expert on the following ‘Health Write for Us‘ topics or have anything else fresh to contribute, please let us know. All copyrighted material, whether image or text, must be clearly identified in your submission. You must have permission for its use and give proper attribution and/or a link to the source.

Before you do anything else, browse through our blog to get a feel for the kind of content we’re looking for. Reading our published posts will also help you see how other writers have incorporated these themes and topics. Do you have a passion for whole-food nutrition, food safety, and alternative health care? Are you worried about the effects of GMOs and the fate of honeybees?

We will always fully credit our guest writers with a mention to your website or social media channel. Our guest writers have the choice to write in the first person or third person. The style of the article is up to you unless specified by an editor.

Only original articles will be posted on Choose Healthy diet Food tips, and after publishing, you must not redistribute the same article to other sites. Google’s guidelines regarding duplicate content are quite strict; so I reserve the right to remove content when in doubt. Your guest post should be unique and it should add to the user’s experience. Also, mention unique meta title and meta description . Becoming a guest author is a great way of getting exposure for your own blog.



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