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Make sure it’s always high quality and the right format to share. We request that your article is not published elsewhere for at least six months from the date of publication in The Green Parent. The Green Parent is a bi-monthly publication with an international readership of more than 150,000.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

We will schedule a publication date for your article but this may change if a news event that we need to respond to emerges. We will endeavour to reschedule your post as soon as possible afterwards. Do use links within your blog to relevant material. Please send us six keywords for your article and a short introduction of 40 words. We want to channel your expertise into handy, actionable content that our users can really benefit from. Our users are passionate and driven people, and we want to continue to inspire them to do good in the world.

Are you interested in writing about the latest news and interesting topics? You can use UK Business Magazine as a platform to publish your top-notch informative content and get more eyeballs. If you are a business owner, you can also make use of our platform and publish a business story to get more reach for your brand and get organic SEO boost.

Anything published elsewhere will not be republished. Do you have an exciting storyline or an idea for something new? Customers are drawn to our store by its design and licensed merchandise. You Can check what we have published so far, so you get the picture of the content we publish. Your article must be well written and should have a clear focus on the audience.

All articles must be original, not published elsewhere in any form. This is to avoid search engine penalties for duplicate content, which are severe and can affect both websites involved in posting duplicate content. Include a brief bio at the end of your piece. You can include a link to your website and social media here.

Mum blogs about days in, days out, disasters and delightful little monsters. We’re open to hosting a variety of content if of value to our audience. Insightful news and career advice straight to your inbox.

Send us your original pitch along with a general synopsis of your experience and links to previously published blogs . Thanks for your interest in becoming a guest blogger. If you’d like to write for LifeConnect24, please familiarise yourself with our guest blogging guidelines before you submit a guest post. Always use images / and videos every 250 words and make short paragraphs. Then you will know that you will be able to keep your readers on the page.

Please provide a brief biographical sketch at the end of the article (25-50 words about you, your family, where you live, level of expertise in the subject about which you are writing). Our choice of articles depends on the other material we have published on the topic , how new the topic is to us and how unique the angle is. Very nice to know this support is out there as quite often hard to actually get an opportunity to speak to someone in person these days. Had my first session last week and so far so good.

Please upload a featured image for your article. You must have the right to use the image with your article, and therefore we ask that you credit the image with the original source. If you do not upload an image, we will use one from our own stock. An SEO checklist is available underneath the post, if you are familiar with this, please complete it, otherwise, the exploring team will optimise your post. We may make minor changes that do not change the substance of the article but will help the article more likely be indexed by search engines. Your article should contain a keyword or key phrase.



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