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The problem might arise in the very process of finding such propositions. Because most of the newly hatched entrepreneurs are oftentimes met with incredulous side glances. Thus, taking a hold of insurance guest posting sites or insurance write for us websites might present a seething inconvenience. We allow only one backlink in the content that must be pointing to the relevant post of your blog. Articles that have more than one link will be rejected. Do not link to any third-party or commercial sites in the name of guest posting.

If yes then you are in right place and we are happy to inform you that we are now accepting articles from our readers. Sometimes we move from pitch to published article in just a few days; other times, it’s more like a month or two. If you have specific time constraints — i.e., you’ll be on vacation or very busy during a specific week or two — let us know upfront; we can usually work with that. Here is some general guidance on writing effective pitches. If we pass on your pitch, feel free to pitch us again in the future. Trade Logo displayed above belongs to Liberty Mutual and used by the Liberty General Insurance Limited under license.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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We will approve requests to make limited numbers of copies of the article available for use by students or for custom reprints. After 30 days, you retain the right to republish the article anywhere else you choose. Make a note that we do not pay for your articles but can help you in getting backlinks and promoting your website. ✔ Once the article is published it will not be terminated in future and you cannot publish the same content anywhere else. The first step is getting your article idea approved. If your article idea is approved, our team will be in touch to guide you through the rest of the writing process.

This might be an excellent opportunity for you and our readers for exploring fresh ideas and new knowledge in this field. We love to help aspiring bloggers increase their reach, however, writing for us should not be considered a quick way to get links to your blog. Author bio links are marked no-follow in line with Google’s guidelines.

We reserve the right to accept or reject any article that does not meet our standard. If your article has a harsh tone, depicts you are a racist and does not have anything to do with insurance. Our rates are competitive, and vary depending on a piece’s length and complexity. Chances are that you are among a large number of people who forget to renew their vehicle insurance ….

Search engines also like lengthy and well-cooked content. Because of this, articles should have a word count of at least 1500 words. Your articles will appear in the search results if you add a few relevant keywords in your post.

Your backlink will help you get exposure to an audience that we have worked hard to cultivate over the years when you write an article on our site. However, guest writers must realize that this does not include any financial transactions of any kind. Are you a thought leader in the insurance, risk management, healthcare, or related industries? We are always looking to partner with experts who can write unique, effective content.



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