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Our guest post price is $40, but if you give us order on PeoplePerHour.com, then our price will be $10 only. We want to Boost our Profile on PeoplePerHour.com, that’s why our price is low. We don’t accept plagiarism since we publish unique stuff. Research is essential for creating high-quality content.

Standard Backing provides you with the poker coaching, money, and experience needed to achieve your goals. Things that you know as a pro, but that no one writes about. Posts on the Gifts website are helpful, interesting and conversational.

Include the URL of the post that you would like to be reprinted and provide a summary of the content. Please include your submitting mail necessary for verification purposes. If you are looking to write gambling guest posts, here are some guidelines to follow. Mamacasinos.com welcomes compelling guest posts about gambling related topics, like casino and sport betting, from all sorts of authors.

Of course, if you’re writing a guide for casino games, gambling advice, or poker material for us, you may utilize industry jargon, but don’t go overboard. Unbiased Reporting – All of our contributors must report without the influence of any outside parties, including players, poker sites, or social-media influencers. Our outlet strives to provide unbiased, ethical, and independent reporting in every story we cover. But when it comes to writing for Poker.org, we’re journalists first and fans second. Every link included must add value for readers.

• Articles should be kept to a minimum in length because we always favor well-written content that is not commercial and conversational. • Your post should be written in the English language, and you should also make use of superb spelling and grammar tools to improve your writing. Titles, headings, images, bullets, and formats should be used. Be thorough and professional with spaces and paragraphs. Smoothly transition between lines and paragraphs. Professional writers must have strong grammar skills.

You will gain a dedicated fan following and a name for yourself as a consequence of providing articles to our site. Poker.org represents the independent voice and passion of poker players. We believe that an independent media company will help shape the future of poker by providing an authentic platform for players’ views. A big part of our mission is to give back to the game and you, the players that make it so popular.

Guest posts are an important part of what makes mamacasinos.com a great place to learn about gambling. It gives our readers the benefit to get also external information and views. Gutshot Magazine welcomes writers with open arms who wish to get their articles published on the website. If you are an aspiring writer or an established author and you wish to publish your stories on GutshotMagazine.com, you can get in touch with us and follow the simple process put in place.

GuestBlogging.Pro is now open for casino, gambling, poker guest post contributions. If you have unique content and want to submit your content on our website, then you should first Read Our Guidelines. These guidelines help us stand out from the crowd and make our work and articles more consistent. They are also helpful while playing at an online casino. Come on over here if you’re thinking of contributing some writing to our site. As a consequence of this, we anticipate that any writer who collaborates with us will adhere to the criteria that we have set.


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The best way to go about this is to create a form of a story that offers easily digestible information that entertains the readers while providing necessary and/or important information. He hopes to counter the rampant dishonesty in online gaming media with objective reviews and relevant features. Fondly remembers the soup avatar at Doyle’s Room. All gambling guest posts must have a clear and concise structure.

Furthermore, you can also conduct interviews with professional gamblers to help your audience get an “inside view” of what their life might be like. We take full payment in advance from the guest authors. The cost of getting your articles published on Gutshot Magazine’s site is ₹7,500 per guest post. The author of an article will have to submit a relevant lead image to go with the story at the time of publishing.The lead image should not be low resolution or blurry. Only high-definition images will be accepted as lead images. If this is something you’re searching for, we can provide you with a fantastic platform where you can share your expertise and get recognition in the gaming business.



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