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In the same manner, we hope you find it okay if we include a link from our blog for internal linking purposes. That said, both parties should give backlinks to other blog posts, not homepages or landing pages. You need to understand that SAAS mainly deals with the service. For this reason, many people read these blogs to understand the benefit of the particular SAAS products.


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A) It’s fundamental for understanding search intentand the topics that need to be covered to rank for a given keyword. Above we discussed and shared an articledescribing our SaaS content strategy on a theoretical level (i.e. why we start with bottom of funnel topics, and work our way up the funnel). Devesh wrote a great article about this which you can find here. In it, he shares examples of good and bad blog introductions to demonstrate a) what not to do and b) a 4-step process for getting your intros right. The marketing analytics SaaS company producing an “industry trends” article discussing obvious trends like the importance of mobile optimization or SEO. The project management SaaS company producing a post on “tips to increase productivity” that gives cliche advice like creating to-do lists and setting deadlines.

We’ll typically have a minute call with whoever at the company is the best person to speak with on that topic. And with SaaS clients, we’ll often talk to several people for a single article. In addition to our customer research process mentioned above, we often conduct interviews with our clients for the individual articles that we produce. We’ll discuss how we approach each step below. We’ll also provide examples and links to past articles for further demonstration of how these steps can be done. While our strategy is primarily bottom of funnel-focused—i.e.

Your post must be an original piece and should not be published elsewhere. We don’t have a minimum or maximum word count – we prefer you to focus on crafting really valuable content where every word counts rather than hitting numbers. This guide has been designed to help you get the most out of your pitch – your submission will be much more likely to be considered if you follow the guidelines below. We reserve the right to edit the content before publishing, but we will send you a revision for acceptance.

Growth Junkie is a brand ofGrowthRocks which is a growth hacking agency and their blog provides growth hacking and digital marketing related content to marketers and business owners alike. We decided to create another blog for more specific to digital marketing topics, open to contributors and focusing on market’s news. So, our blog here, is open to contributors following the guidelines below. A SaaS content writer specializes in writing about software as a service products and the business problems buyers want solved.

SaaS is the new way to lend software programs on a subscription basis rather than buying them for a lifetime. Please provide required visuals along with your quality content. Therefore, the content writer must at least have some general idea about the SAAS.

This isn’t to say you can’t successfully work with freelance writers to produce content—you can. You just need a process like the one we describe below which allows writers to express a company’s expertise and uniqueness in their articles. Some companies come to us with thorough, complete brand guidelines that make it easy for our team to start writing.

You can also publish your unique and newsworthy Press Release to SoftwareWorld. We aim to create and curate the best content for customer support, service, and experience professionals to help businesses get better at delivering an effortless customer service experience. We do not accept content from people that don’t care about the quality and our audience and are only willing to get a link back to their product or company website. Sonan Digital is a B2B SaaS content marketing agency that specializes in helping innovative brands succeed. Our team, located across Canada, offers unparralled SaaS content marketing, sales enablement, and support expertise. Whether you’re a startup looking to get started with content or an established organization that needs help, rely on our team.

This is our own little way of giving back to your brand. Every SaaS article submitted should be a minimum of 1500 words. We do this for the integrity of the blog and for SEO purposes.



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