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But we’re happy to consider a draft as well. Additionally, the content must be plagiarism-free. References must be from legitimate sources.

If you have a blog of your own, or another similar venture to plug, you’re more than welcome to put as many links back to your websites, Facebook page, Twitter accounts, etc… as you’d like. The goal is just to create awesome articles for action movie fans to share and enjoy. Walk into a gym for the first time and try to bench 200 pounds. You won’t be back in the gym tomorrow.

Also, if you’re unfamiliar with blogging or writing online, we can help and handle all the formatting and uploading for you. Proofread your article before sending it to us. Let’s be respectful to each other’s time and standards. However, please bear in mind that our editors reserve the right to make minor changes if required to match our editorial style.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

You cannot add any affiliates code, advertisement or referral links are not allowed to add into articles. Before posting we will check your content for plagiarism and if found something duplicate, spin articles, or copied will be rejected. You retain ownership of your work, but grant Set The Tape publishing rights in perpetuity, and exclusive publishing rights for 14 days after first publication. After that, you can re-post wherever you like.

We accept book reviews, ending explained articles, listicles and long-form articles about authors and genres. When writing a movie blog, it’s not only valuable to clearly communicate your thoughts and opinions, but also understand the context into which you’re communicating them. Sites like Rotten Tomatoes and Meta Critic are NOT the be all and end all of declaring a movie good or bad, but they do give you insight as to what the general consensus is about a particular movie. This information should NEVER change your opinion, but rather help you better express your opinion in the light of the prevailing thoughts other people have regarding your subject.


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