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They serve as upvotes for the quality and popularity of your website. It is important that you choose a subject matter linked to one of the categories we manage in our blogs. Hence, your guest post will be taken into account to be published in the corresponding category. But we have noticed users and SEO’s are more likely to find us using Health accepting guest posts or health and wellness guest post using queries. We are accepting guest posts on almost every niche like fashion, Health, healthcare, finance, home and improvement, travel, technology niche, etc.

You can find them by writing for Write for us fashion on google and they are not accepting only one category. Always ready to accept blogs related to fashion, business, tech, education, etc. We are now accepting guest posts from other bloggers willing to expand their readership. So, if you have a blog in the same niche and have a draft that you want to send us, now is the time. Searching for active blogs in the fashion industry, negotiating with bloggers and designers is quite a long and confusing process. It requires a lot of effort, and, eventually, your hopes might be dashed.

My goal is to help others look and feel their best. I own a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design. I am here to answer all your queries related to fashion, beauty, lifestyles, and much more. Here at Eleganceblog.com, I not only equip you with the latest fashion trends but also consider beauty and wellness as the top priority. Follow my blog to make your lifestyle healthy and fashionable.


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However, they have to be about the latest trends and events of the sustainable Fashion Industry. You may also put a backlink to your own blog if your material is appropriate. We only permit one Do follow link that is pertinent and solely goes to your blog. My blog is related to fashion, So this list is very important to me. © Yachna Atthi 2020, Unauthorized use, and/or duplication of this material without written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.

One recent survey shows that nearly half of marketers agree that posting guest content is their most effective method of generating leads. Getting your blog published on Mom News Daily every day will broaden your network and give your work more exposure. At Fashion Trends we love having relevant content as well as establishing positive bonds with our collaborators. Above these are the top fashion blog who accept guest post, here you can submit a guest post without any of cost.

This helps the users to get direct access to all your blogs. This will help you to leave a good impression on all your readers so that they visit again to read your blogs. In this way, you make your traffic through our website. This will not only attract the crowd but also will help different brands to find you easily through your blogs. With vast knowledge and experience about something, we often feel to express those in a piece of paper or a blog. We want to share our experience and knowledge about that niche with the crowd through our writing.

So, while we do not want your post to be boring, we also do not accept very short articles that just scratch the surface. Moreover, search engines like articles that are long and well-cooked. So, we prefer guest post pitches with 1500 words or more that discuss the topic in detail without being bland or repetitive. Make sure that you choose a suitable topic for the pitch that you send in.

We prefer catchy, edgy images that instantly attract readers’ attention. We hold the right to alter the post sent by you if while checking your article we find any spelling mistakes, statement blunders, or configuration issues. We correct the existing issues to make the article ready as per the requirements before it gets posted. Before submission, check a few things that everything is arranged properly and the content is good to submit. Instead of writing long paragraphs, keep splitting the paragraph wherever possible. You can add bullets to add some essential information or points in the blog.

We are looking for quality write-ups with new and unique ideas. When an article is readers friendly it becomes much easier for them to read since your message would be easily conveyed to them. Design your articles in a way that contains a related heading, subheadings and important terms in bold words. Also, use bullet points wherever you feel the need.

InocenCia enables everyone in the guest posting to contribute their views using words. Because they already have many submission requests. In theory, such an article should have a call to action (read more about call to action on moz.com) and an active link. The guest post generates traffic and attracts new users, raises positions in the issuance of search engines. The fashion industry is rather narrowly focused, and we cannot allow such an article to be posted on a site, say, about gardening.



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