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Indian Food Recipes Online looking for great bloggers who can add good quality posts. Expert Writers and bloggers of food expert are welcome for write for us. They need to have good experience in food policy, food justice, nutrition and sustainable agriculture. We accept Recipes in Hindi and Recipes in English only.

In the author bio area, you may include links to related websites. We will always fully credit our guest writers with a mention to your website or social media channel. Reviews – Went to a restaurant and absolutely love it?

Opinion – Do you have a strong opinion on something in the food and beverage industry and have research to back it up? Start a discussion about the latest food trends on our website. The author of the site has right to edit, change, shorten or modify any of the content of the article. Alternatively, you can follow the Foodies Talks submission criteria. Proofread your article or recipe or guide to make it look professional.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Would you like your article to be published on proktools.com? If you are a good writer, we would like to have you as a contributor to our website. If you want to use your writing abilities to improve the lives of other readers, please get in touch with us. For regular guest writers , we will also create a dedicated author page and add you to our list of featured writers. To do so, please provide a small introduction about yourself.

So, if you enjoy the cuisine and are interested in writing for us, please contact us. Please read the submission requirements below before submitting your proposal. Guest writings on Food must be about foodies or food.

Show our readers how to cook your favourite dish. The article is to have a title related to food, nutrition or recipe and framed under main and sub-headlines. All recipes are to have an Introduction, Ingredients with measurement, and Process. We encourage one or more photographs during the stage of cooking and the final product. Please read the guidelines below before submitting your ideas.

Passionate about iconic food creators, trends, great heritage food, local cuisine, street food, and fusion foods? Email us at with the subject line “Food Write For Us” to become a contributor today. Follow my social media for a more in depth looking into my fun and exciting time with cooking! The kitchen is evolving and so is the way we cook, so join me on this journey of revolutionizing meal prep. Please put ‘guest post’ in the subject line, then the article title and full text in the body of the email.

You can also use this opportunity to increase your online authority and culinary skills. You will also have the chance to connect with people and open doors to your own business. If you want to write for a food and recipe blog, here are a few tips to follow. By submitting your food blog guest post to The Blendery you acknowledge that you accept our terms and any form of editing that our team believes necessary. Getting your blog noticed as a guest author is a terrific approach to do it. I’d love to hear from you if you have a fantastic recipe idea, a culinary tale from your travels, or a connected opinion piece.

No articles will be accepted if it is only meant for SEO link-building. If your article doesn’t follow our guidelines, then it will not be published. I try to make the Krizzy Cooks blog as genuine as possible. Therefore, I like to hold my standards for content to be of only quality. Please write articles that are at least 300 words and relevant to this blog.



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