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A few years ago I decided to start using trekking poles but found that when hiking off-trail they typically don’t last long, often breaking. After going through four sets of poles I decided to get a pair that can handle the abuse. I stumbled on Montem and bought a pair of Ultra Strong Poles. Despite that I still ended up breaking a flintlock off the bottom of one of the poles while moving through some rough rocky terrain. I contacted Montem, got a replacement part and it was sent out that very day. So you can add great customer service to the positives of Montem products.


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Your inquiry should include your proposed title, a brief synopsis, your email address, and your bio . Once we receive your request, we’ll read it and let you know if it’s approved. If approved, we’ll reach out to request the completed article and when it’ll be posted on our website. I’m not looking for something in particular in terms of length. Please make the post as long as you have to, so long as it is high quality, to tell your story. I’d like to put readers on a firm footing sojwide footing so that they can have the opportunity to learn who you are.

Our magazine is targeted at a niche audience, and we expect our stories to come from the same kind of spaces. Our stories are meant to be inspirational and instructional for the doer, and aspirational for the armchair athlete. Our stories are written and shot by journalists with a passion for the outdoors.

How-to or instructional guides are also published on a daily basis and contributions from new writers are welcome. These guides should be focused on a single topic and improving a reader’s ability with regard to that topic. There are some guidelines that you must follow before you submit your post to Barbaraiweins.com. Your guest post should not be less than 800 words. You must include at least two images each 1200 in width.

We treat our business very seriously and publish only well written/researched content. Email us your post idea with the article or a sample article in the body of the message. However, please do not send us any request without reading the guidelines because we would reject requests that do not adhere to our guidelines. You can link to relevant content on your site and other websites. Just don’t spam, and link to content or services that are genuinely helpful. Please give source of statistics, images, and quotes used in the content.

All links will be do-follow in order to help raise your profile and increase domain authority. We understand a lot of guest posts will be for this purpose. It could be an article, a feature, a blog, photo feature, a review, an interview, a despatch, an essay. Or it could be a multimedia piece combining words, pictures, video, and voice.

Specific and intimate details about the trip with a set angle—no broad overviews about what to do, but real-time encounters. It has to be a special ‘top 10’ article for us to accept. The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes.

If you’re open to writing a guest post for our website, please submit a brief summary of your post here. Typically, articles selected for publication will provide a personal narrative to help readers connect with you, rather than simply providing dry, dull facts as if delivered by a machine or robot. If you have a great idea for an article then please send a short outline, plus five accompanying high-res JPEG images for our consideration.



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